Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Just love the miniatures! Found the cheese dome and house from Goodwill. Used a cork trivet from Ikea. The little mushrooms and sign came from Hobby Lobby and the faity from Michaels! I just love it!


Sparkly Bling

I just love this sterling silver ring I found in Ca at the Cat’s Meow thrift store. The owner of the shop uses the proceeds from sales to take care of homeless cats. The shop is oh so awesome. Good bargains and good finds.
The ring’s bling is hematite.


Latest Finds

I recently went thrift shopping and found some spectacular bargains. I thought I’d share them with all of you so you can see that you can find some really cool stuff for cheap prices.

My regular stops on the weekend Include:

Kenneth Young Center Resale

They provide Community Mental Health and Senior Services
I found this great copy of an old Heidi Book for $14.95. I just love old books.

IMG_1099 - Copy

One of my favorite stops is:

WINGS Resale Store

WINGS is partnering with Metropolitan Family Services and

Greater Southwest Development Corporation to open a

new domestic violence shelter in Chicago!

I found this vintage purse in really good condition for only $6.99

IMG_1097 - Copy

and this cool Craft Book.

Want to make these for Christmas gifts .50 cents.

IMG_1096 - Copy

Another Stop is :

Shelter Inc Thrift Shop

Shelter, Inc. provides community based, emergency and longer-term

housing for children and adolescents who are abused,

neglected, dependent or in need of supervision.

I found this 1940’s Snow White book with the RCA album.

The price was originally $50.00 but since it had been there for over a year, they sold it to me for $10.

I collect Snow White so this was such a happy buy!


I found this great lighted wall hanging for $4.99

(originally from Ikea for $49.99)

at Goodwill.

IMG_1093 - Copy

This great Occupied Japan Statues came from Shelter Inc. for $12 each.


and last but not least my last stop is:

Salvation Army Thrift Store

I found this Disney Christmas statue by Jim Shore for only $5.06

IMG_1091 - Copy IMG_1090

I hope you enjoyed my finds!

I’d love to see yours!

Altered Bottles

I just love little bottles. I’ve collected many of them over the years from various thrift stores and antique shops. I’ve held onto them really not knowing what I would do with them.
The latest craze of altered items came along and now my little bottles have purpose! With the steampunk rage I also started collecting old clocks for parts and I every chance I find
some old lace I grab it up. These are the results of my collections all put together and I just love them. My favorite is the one with the little tiny old buttons. Which is your favorite?

IMG_0665 IMG_0662 IMG_0655 IMG_0650 IMG_0646 IMG_0645 IMG_0640

Fabulous Costume Find

Halloween is just around the corner and I found this really cool Bar Maiden outfit at Goodwill. Only $8.99 and it is in excellent condition!

My daughter loves dressing up for Halloween for the party scene and she was so excited to get this outfit. Wig, shoes and fishnet and she is all set to go. Can’t beat this deal.

Have you found any cool costumes lately?



Got the photos of my daughter in the costume! She did a good job dressing up using the outfit I got her. She’s such a beautiful girl and such a free spirit! I love that about her.